We’re pleased you’d like to learn a bit more about the creators of Poker Glam. Since we were little kids, we’ve been certifiable video game addicts. Our video-game obsession has its origins from the VERY BEGINNING of gaming. That’s right, back when cavemen played an antiquated game called “Atari”. From Atari, we circled through the various gaming systems: Gamewatch, Gameboy, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and Playstation. What games do the creators of Poker Glam prefer most? Our preferred games are a mix of all genres – from sport games to strategy and shooters; of course, poker takes the pot!

We enjoy poker so much that we decided our first app release HAD to be a poker app. As avid players, we didn’t want to create an app that might intimidate players new to the game of poker. We wanted to be sure to include ANYONE curious about this marvelous game, even if they’ve never played a hand of poker before. That’s why we melded everything we love about the poker lifestyle – casino themes, exciting characters, and thrilling rewards – directly into our poker app, Poker Glam.

We are really proud of our app Poker Glam. With our head-2-head play, the app is exciting and challenging enough for experienced poker players. As well, the various poker room themes and overall casual approach makes the app friendly to those new to poker. Our highest priority was to make Poker Glam full of fun and excitement, with ample rewards and competition for those who want to put their deck out there. It was also important to us that ANY PLAYER, regardless of their platform — whether Android, iOS, or the web — could have access to our unique poker app. So hello, whoever you are – we’ve saved a seat for you at the Poker Glam. Hope to play a round of poker with you very soon!