Play High-Stakes Poker… The Five-O Way!

March 12, 2014    by Davida Mintz

Are you a gambler who lives life on the edge? Would you describe yourself as a high roller who lives by the motto, “Go big or go home?” Then it’s time to take your Five-O Poker experience to the next level at a VIP table. You’ll have to make it past the watchdog, of course, before you can play. He’s the bulldog wearing shades on the far right of the Five-O Poker home page. He is the only one with the key to open the lock. He’ll invite you to the tables where the big dogs play, only after you accumulate 100 thousand points.


The game itself is the same at the VIP tables as at the lower stakes, only on a much larger scale. Blinds are 20 thousand at the VIP Pro tables and 40 thousand at the VIP Classic tables. That only leaves room to lose two matches at the Classic level before you are forced to go all-in or leave. The blinds may be lower at a VIP Pro table, but the stakes go up when players have the option to bet and re-raise. So, while you only need 100 thousand points to play at a VIP table, it takes more than the minimum to give yourself a good shot at success.

Win Big

Winning at a VIP table is a major score. Forty thousand points are up for grabs when you play at a VIP Classic table. After your first match, you have the usual option to double or triple your wager, or go all-in. Play for double the blinds and winning is worth 65,600 points after rake. Want to buy those points? The latest special offer is $25 for 58,500 points. Imagine getting all those points for free after winning just one Five-O Poker match. Winning in itself in satisfying, but winning big is intoxicating.

High Risk

It takes a fearless player with a high tolerance for risk to make it at the VIP tables. Not everyone has the temperament to handle the wild upswings and downswings that high-stakes players experience. You may find yourself up half a million points one day and down to your last 50 thousand the next. When you’re running well, your Five-O Poker account will explode with more points than you can imagine. The first player I went up against at a VIP Pro table was crushing the high-stakes. She came to the table with more than 2.4 million points, ready to add to her total.

Final Thoughts

Players looking for a new challenge should consider making the leap to the VIP tables. Competing at such high-stakes adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. You don’t have to play exclusively at the VIP tables. Play at the lower stakes if you’re more comfortable, and take a shot at a high-stakes game on occasion to mix things up. Remember, you don’t need deep pockets to be a high roller at Five-O Poker. All you need are points to be a big shot and play among the VIPs.

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