Analyze Your Decisions for Long-Term Results

By Davida Mintz January 28, 2014

Five-O Poker is about making good decisions not results. The online dictionary, “Poker Terms,” defines results oriented thinking as; a method of analyzing a poker player based on the outcome as opposed to the merits of the play. This flawed method justifies weak play when it leads to a win. Focusing only on the outcome can lead a player to make the wrong decisions based on personal experience instead of probabilities and good gameplay. 


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The Process

When a match doesn’t go your way, ask yourself if you’re happy with the way you played. Think about why you made fatal the decision to give up on your diamond flush draw to make a pair. It’s natural to second guess yourself when the next card you’re dealt is the fourth diamond and the missed opportunity costs you the game. After a difficult hand like this, take the next game off to review the hand in your mind. Look over the spots where you might have played differently. As hard as it is, ignore the outcome. It will make you a better player.

Assessing Skill

With so much focus on decisions and none on winning, how’s a player supposed to know if he’s any good? Many poker players believe it takes around 10,000 hands to get an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses. That’s 2,000 games of Five-O Poker. To determine how many hands you’ve played, look at the win-loss ratio to the right of your picture, add them together and multiply by five. It’s difficult to estimate the number of Five-O Poker hands you really need to play before assessing your skill level. Without a minimum of 5,000 hands, your results would be unreliable, with luck overshadowing skill.

 No End to the Decisions

Five-O Poker puts players to the test with 25 seconds on the clock and an automatic loss if you go over more than once. Most players move much more quickly, but don’t have the option of extra time that online poker players are given. As if the quick pace weren’t challenging enough, players are confronted with 20 decisions to make each match. There is usually more than one ‘right’ decision until the fifth round, when the best move to becomes clear. Competing in a Pro Room leaves a player with one final decision: bet, check, raise or fold?

Players that compete with Facebook friends will benefit from discussing matches and getting each other’s opinions about specific hands and strategy. Poker players review hands with each other and write about them in online forums. You won’t remember the details of very many hands, but take advantage of the times you do to look at whether you’re making the best possible decisions. In the end, becoming a winning player is about making the right decisions more often than your opponents.

Click here to download Five-O to your mobile 


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