Avoiding Tilt

By Davida Mintz December 22, 2013

It’s essential to stay focused and mentally alert at all times in Five-O Poker. However, after a few bad beats, bad cards and a shrinking chip stack, it’s easy for a player to lose his temper or behave irrationally, known as tilt. Let’s say you hit the flush you needed to win on row five and the game was all yours. Fist bump. Then your opponent shows up with four of a kind and wins. Who gets that lucky? Next hand, you can’t even get a pair. A total loss. One more bad game and you’ll be on tilt. Playing in this state of over-aggression leads to poor decision-making and poor playing strategy.


 What to do if you are Tilting

If you’re on tilt, take a short break to avoid making things worse. Remember, this happens to everyone. Think back to the time you were the one raking in the chips while your opponent helplessly lost hand after hand. Later in the article, we’ll talk about ways to find your focus and get past a bad beat at the poker table.

When you have been losing to the same player for a while, and find yourself thinking, “I’ll just keep playing until I beat them once, then I’ll stop,” Stop now. You are already on tilt! Don’t entertain the idea of getting even…it leads to mega-tilt. Walk away and take control of the situation. Five-O Poker will find you a new opponent to start fresh with.

 Tilt: Texas Hold’ em Style

Displays of tilt are not as obvious in Five-O Poker as the angry moves tilting Texas Hold ‘em players make after suffering a bad beat. It’s almost a sure thing the loser will push all-in on the next hand, regardless of his cards, and likely do it several more times. He will continue to make huge bets, using his anger-fueled aggression to dominate the table.

Preventing Tilt

Tilt in poker is an emotional state of mind that can be triggered by a number of different events, so we need to be prepared for it at all times. In a relaxed setting, imagine the scenarios that cause you to loose emotional control. Now, imagine yourself in those scenarios, staying focused on your game, and unaffected by the situations that would usually upset you. Now, imagine yourself in those same scenarios, but with a different outcome. This time, everything is working the way you want it to, and you are the winner.

We have to be prepared to lose so that it does not throw us and put us on tilt. We also need to go in with an expectation of winning, so relax your body and repeat that short visualization about your Five-O Poker game.

11 thoughts on “Avoiding Tilt

  1. If you are tilting as it’s called, you might need to take a brake regroup. Chill think about the Game, and learn to use the card counter. It really helps. Good Luck… Ken

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