What Would you Give to Read Your Opponent When you Can’t see his Cards?

By Davida Mintz Nov 17, 2013

Have you ever had a copy of the answers for homework you haven’t completed? Notice how having the answer allows you to work backwards to teach yourself how to solve the problem. It works so well, I’m proposing we try it with combinatorics on Five-O-Poker. Remember, nearly every card is played face up, and the dealer goes through almost the entire deck in one game.

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Combinatorics is sometimes called the science of counting. It helps to tell how weak or strong the cards in your opponent’s hand may be. Let’s start with the basics. Since there are four of every card in the deck, there are six ways to be dealt any pair pre-flop. Here’s an example   with pocket aces.

AsAh               AsAd               AhAd

AsAc                AhAc               AcAc

Let’s use the edge we’ve gained to count some cards on Five-O-Poker. Here’s what to watch for. Your opponent is clearly trying to pair his ace. You know there are three left in the deck, and if you have all three, he’s out of luck. If you’re the one dealt a single ace, you have a 32% chance of making it a pair. For your first exercise, pay attention to pairing face cards. It’s time to put this to use on Five-O-Poker, but don’t forget to come back. The article is only half over.

Don’t worry if it was overwhelming. It’s hard to keep up in the beginning, but completely worth it because Five-O-Poker allows you to learn combinatorics visually. The top poker players could benefit from this opportunity available only on Five-O-Poker.

A flush is one of the strongest hands in poker, especially a nut flush (A high flush.) That’s why it’s important to know that your odds of making one are 19%. The main thing to remember is that there are 13 cards of each suit in a deck. Try counting suited cards on Five-O-Poker. When your opponent is working on a diamond flush, he’ll need five, so count the number of diamonds in his five rows, and yours. Let’s say there are nine, and he only needs one more to hit his flush. Watch for the four diamonds to be dealt to see if his flush comes in. Do the same if you’re working on a flush. See how many possibilities, or “outs” you have, then decide whether to continue, or look for a better purpose for that row.

Five-O-Poker makes it possible to learn Combinatorics while looking at the cards. In tradional poker, it’s up to the player to evaluate what they think their opponent has, without seeing the cards. 

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28 thoughts on “What Would you Give to Read Your Opponent When you Can’t see his Cards?

  1. i have been playing 5-0 for a long time ….. I already figured that out I used to play poker in vegas a lot that’s why I love this game soooooo much im still trying to get everyone I know to at least give it a try then you and I both know that they will be hooked !!!!!!!! thank you so much for 5-0 poker
    respectfully anna ramirez

    • Don’t feel bad. The first time I tried counting cards, I lost everything, and had to console myself with a candy bar. Let your opponent have the chips if it makes you a better player in the long run.

  2. Love the subject of this blog. Can’t wait to count cards. What do the lower case letters next to the A for Ace mean?

    BLOG TAB It would be nice to have a quick way to get to these blogs (and perhaps have a greater audience) if a Tab next to fan page was place…. or anywhere it is easily accessible.

    Just an idea from Grandma Susan in Boise

  3. In regards to suit rankings which are not used in Texas hold’em as a tie breaker at showdown, parity is evidenced when two players tie at showdown,and it is not rare to chop a pot with another player with an equal holding/ In Five-0 is it possible to tie i.e. two hands such as an Ace high flush (Ac Kc Jc 6c 3c) vs. Ace high flush (As Ks Js 6s 3s). U don;t recall this (a tie) ever happening, and have not seen any other evidence of a possible tie, such as a players stats . This suggest to me that the hands dealt are not random and there is some form of control over the cards being dealt which would essentially undermine the relevance of counting your possible outs to gain an edge over an opponent. Is Five-0 dealt using an RNG?

    • Gary – with regards to the chips, I will take a look again as I remember crediting you already. If not, I will do that ASAP. With regards to ties, when there is a case of a tie in Five-O the player who played first, is declared as the winner. Roy

      • In the case of a tie, that seems fair because there is an overall disadvantage to the player who goes first as well. How is the player who goes first chosen ? And thank you for the 10k in free chips for rating Five-0 on Google Play.

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