Five-O Poker Review

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Five-O Poker is a brand new app that gives players a new twist on the classic Poker known all over the world. This fast paced game gives players the opportunity to play an astounding five hands at a time. Players will love the fact that there are several levels of game play and many missions that make each game a unique experience. The ultimate goal is to achieve the status of a Five-O Diamond player.

Game Screen

Unlike any poker app that has come before it, Five-O Poker uses a four color deck, making players feel like they are participating in a world championship poker game. This game is highly interactive and allows players to compete against their friends. The app provides each player with detailed analysis and statistics about the games they have played. This is helpful when players want to compare their game results to those of other players. Along with the detailed statistics and analysis, players are able to see the number of chips they have accumulated throughout gameplay.


Players can choose which poker table they would like to participate in. The choices are tables for Classic Poker, Pro Poker and tables designated specifically for VIP players.

Five-O Poker can be played on the go by installing this app on either a desktop computer or a mobile device, making gameplay extremely convenient for all players.

As a fully interactive app, Five-O Poker allows players to participate in exciting contests every week. Players can log into the game through their Facebook account or simply as guests. This allows players to share the achievements they reach during the game with their friends on social media.

The incentives to play Five-O Poker include multiple bonuses that players can earn on a daily basis. Players also receive free gifts that they can share with and send to their friends.

While this app was primarily made for the iPhone 5, it can also be run on other versions of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch and iPads. Apple device owners all over the country are seeing the benefit of downloading the free Five-O Poker app to their mobile device.

This fun and exciting mobile app is delighting players from all walks of life. From beginner poker players to experts, the Five-O Poker app has something to offer anyone who wants nothing more than to play an amazing new version of the classic card game so many people have come to love.

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