Good evening! It’s so very nice to see you. We welcome you to the Poker Glam- the most unique poker app available on the planet!

As our first poker app, we’ve put our heart and soul into this game. Everything we love about Las Vegas, casinos: the lights, sounds, and characters — the entire poker experience — we infused it directly into this app. Poker Glam isn’t just an app to play your favorite hobby with friends and family; Poker Glam is a world in and of itself.

New to Poker Glam ? Come on in, we’ve saved a special seat at one of the many poker tables for you. As believers in the poker fantasy, we’ve designed multiple rooms based on theme. Our rooms include cowboy, mobster, pirate, island, prison, and many more themes. All of our poker rooms include their very own thrilling cast of characters equipped with catchphrases; not to mention the many unusual collectibles and rewards you can earn that are specific to the poker room. No matter what your mood, you can bet (literally!) there is a uniquely themed poker room that will speak to you.

Pardon us for bragging… we’re certain you will enjoy playing poker at the Poker Glam more than any other gaming app. Why? In addition to our awesomely themed-rooms, all of our poker games are head-2-head. We’ve chosen this gaming approach for the following reasons:

1). Zero idle time. So often when playing poker, you must wait for other players to take their turns. We’ve eliminated this downtime at the Glam . Now you can play poker without those slow moments – enjoy nonstop action!

2). Head-2-head playing is THE PINNACLE of gaming strategy. At the Glam, you can play up to five hands at the same time. Get those synapses firing and push yourself to play to the very best of your ability.

3). When you win head-2-head hands, you’ll find your win that much more rewarding due to the challenging nature of the game. Of course, our many rewards will also make you feel pretty good when you do well at the tables.

Poker Glam introduces those new to the poker scene with clear instructions, graphics, and ease of enjoyment in a friendly environment. For those “old hands” at poker, the Glam is the ultimate challenge with nonstop excitement!